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Day Care

Why dog day care?

Dog day care is an excellent way to socialize your dog in a neutral environment. While your dog is with us she is supervised by a caring staff in neutral territory. Even though dogs become very attached to staff members, it is still different than play that happens while owners are present.

We have seen many examples over the years of dogs that are very aggressive when their owner is present, but play and have fun with the other dogs while they are with us.

While the overwhelming majority of dog owners at the dog park are responsible, there are unfortunately a few that will carelessly put others at risk. With day care you can be assured that each dog is checked to make sure they are not aggressive toward other dogs and that their vaccinations are current. You can also be assured that the play will be supervised by trained staff who understand dog behavior. Many people do not understand the dynamics of canine play and will mistake aggression for rough play or vice versa. In a day care setting we do not allow dogs to be bullied (or become bullies!). We make sure the play is appropriate and that everyone is having fun.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of dog day care is that your dog will be tired and happy when you pick them up. After a long day at work or school or running errands or whatever, you may be too tired to go for that evening walk. You may not have time if you have to run out for more events in the evening. When your dog spends the day with us they will need some rest instead of some exercise! You can relax or go out while your pet happily rests. Chanel and Chief, pictured on the couch at home after a day of day care, belong to the owner of our Golden facility. After a day at "work" they come home, eat dinner, and hit the hay!

What to expect from Daycare at Rover Retreat:

You can bring your dog to us for the day (or a half day) while you work, ski, shop, run errands, have a barbeque, whatever you can think of to do while your dog stays behind!

Your dog can expect to spend the day with other dogs of the same temperament, closely supervised by our caring staff. Likes, dislikes, best friends, or that special place to scratch, our staff works hard to get to know your dog's personality. At the end of the day your dog will come home tired and happy!

You can expect a customer focused experience. We want you to feel completely at ease when you leave your dogs with us. We provide a clean and safe environment for socialization and play. We are experienced with accommodating special needs, such as shyness, elderly dogs, or gradual socialization for younger dogs. We will also be honest with you about how your dog is doing with us. While we are a business, we do not want to have guests that do not enjoy the day care experience. You can count on us to give you honest feedback about your pet. In return we want you to be honest with us. If there is anything you think we could do to improve our service please let us know!

What to bring? That is up to you. We provide bowls, blankets, and a treat for nap time. If your dog normally eats at lunch time you can bring that snack with you. If there is something else your dog requires, such as medication, we can also administer with clear instructions from you.  Please note that prescription medications MUST be in the original prescribed bottle and we are required by law to follow the instructions on the bottle.  If your veterinarian has modified those instructions please have them provide something in writing for us with the new instructions. Supplements and over the counter medications do not need to be in the original packaging.

NOTE: if your dog has allergies and can not have regular treats, please bring a few from home. We don't want them to feel left out when we hand out treats to everyone else!

Whether you bring items from home or not the cost is the same.

Both locations are right off I-70, gateway to the mountains!  Whether you are snowboarding, skiing, hiking, or just taking in the sights we are a quick stop on the way.  Serving Golden, Arvada, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Evergreen, Genesee, Jefferson County and the larger Denver area.

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