Rover Retreat Dog Daycare – Stay and Play

Dog Daycare is an excellent way to socialize your dog in a neutral environment. While your dog is with us he/she is supervised by our caring and professional staff. Our Dog Daycare program at Rover Retreat in Golden, CO is designed to provide your dog with the enrichment, fun, socialization and exercise you pet needs to thrive.  We’re close by to Lakewood, Arvada and all of the greater Jefferson County area.

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A Safe Environment for Dogs to Thrive

dog-daycare-1While the overwhelming majority of dog owners at the dog park are responsible, there are unfortunately a few that will carelessly put others at risk. With Dog Daycare at Rover Retreat you can be assured that each dog is checked to make sure they are not aggressive toward other dogs and that their vaccinations are current. You can also be assured that the play will be supervised by trained staff who understand dog behavior. Many people do not understand the dynamics of canine play and will mistake aggression for rough play or vice versa. In a day care setting we do not allow dogs to be bullied (or become bullies!). We make sure the play is appropriate and that everyone is having fun.

Why Choose Dog Daycare at Rover Retreat

dog-daycare-2Experts agree that dog daycare is an excellent outlet for dogs to get the exercise and socialization that they need to stay healthy.  Our experienced staff provide the dogs with the type of stimulation and activity that helps dogs thrive. This also satisfies a dog’s inherent pack nature by being around other dogs. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to the dog owner is that your dog will be tired and happy when you pick them up. After a long day at work or running errands, you may be too tired to go for that evening walk. You may not have time if you have to run out for more events in the evening. When your dog spends the day with us they will need some rest instead of some exercise! You can relax or go out while your pet happily rests.

Rates start as low as $33.00 a day. Please see our pricing for more information.

To get started with your Daycare stay visit our Daycare Policies page.

I have been bringing my dog, Shilo, to Rover Retreat for over six years now and I wouldn’t consider taking him anywhere else. They do such an amazing job, putting personal attention into each pup and ensuring the “pack” is having fun all day long. I’ve recommended this doggy daycare to several people and they’ve all come away happy. I trust Rover Retreat to take care of my best friend, and you should too!

Troy D.

What to bring?

dog getting a treatThat is up to you! We provide bowls, blankets, and a treat for nap time. If your dog normally eats at lunch time you can bring that snack with you. If there is something else your dog requires, such as medication, we can also administer with clear instructions from you.

Veterinary Needs and Requirements

Please note that prescription medications must be in the original prescribed bottle and we are required by law to follow the instructions on the bottle. If your veterinarian has modified those instructions please have them provide something in writing for us with the new instructions. Supplements and over the counter medications do not need to be in the original packaging.

Give us a call: (303) 215-0413


If your dog has allergies and can not have regular treats, please bring a few from home. We don’t want them to feel left out when we hand out treats to everyone else!