Rover Retreat Price Sheet*

Single Daycare and Boarding Rates

Single Daycare or Boarding
Lodging 1 dog$52.00
Lodging for each additional dog$48.00
Daycare 1 dog$38.00
Daycare for each additional dog$35.00


Daycare Packages*

Daycare Packages
1 dog, 5 days$180.50
1 dog, 10 days$342.00
1 dog 20 days$646.00
1 dog 30 days$912.00
2 dogs, 5 days$328.50
2 dogs 10 days$620.50
3 dogs 5 days$486.00
3 dogs 10 days$918.00


Enrichment Daycare Packages*

Daycare Packages
1 dog, 5 days$261.25
1 dog, 10 days$495.00
1 dog 20 days$880.00
1 dog 30 days$1155.00
2 dogs, 5 days$446.50
2 dogs 10 days$840.00



Basic Bath:

Shampoo, towel dry and perfume

Premium Bath:

Brush out, shampoo, conditioner, nail trim, ear clean, blow dry, perfume and bandana
Small short hair$20.00$30.00
Small long hair$25.00$35.00
Medium short hair$30.00$40.00
Medium long hair$35.00$45.00
Large short hair$40.00$50.00
Large long hair$45.00$55.00
XL Dog short hair$50.00$60.00
XL dog long hair$60.00$80.00


Special Services

Ball Time: 10 minutes$10.00
Gourmet Treat: Lamb ear or duck foot$1.99
Our food: price for one day$1.99

*Packages expire after 6 months. Because packages offer a discounted daily daycare rate, packages cannot be refunded once you have started using the package. Please contact management if you have inquiries about a refund.